Fun Family Friendly Scarborough Beach, WA

Last winter, we brought the kids on a 10-day road trip in Western Australia. We planned to explore around Perth city during the last part of our journey.

It was by random that we booked to stay two nights at Hotel Rendezvous, Scarborough. Alright, it wasn’t exactly a random decision. Accommodations within Perth city centre would be too deep for our pocket. Hotel Rendezvous was well within budget and only about 20 minutes away from the city centre. 

Scarborough Beach

Right across the hotel is Scarborough beach, one of Perth’s most popular beaches. For that, we were glad to stay around this area. 

Scarborough had a major facelift recently, which we were not aware until after our trip. Luckily, the redevelopment was already completed when we were there. 

Ocean view at Scarborough

If I had to describe Scarborough in two words, it would be “extremely windy”.  It’s no wonder that Scarborough is a favourite among surfers. 

For non-surfers like us, there are other ways to have fun. Enjoy a picnic, chill out at the cafes and bars, stroll down the beach, or watch the sunset. 

Our kids loved the Whale Playground! 

Whale Playground at Scarborough
Play area built around the theme of whale skeletons
Interesting slide!
Happy jump pose at Scarborough
Ice Cream Stall at Scarborough

Have you been to Scarborough recently? Let us know what’s your favourite activity at Scarborough. 

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