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Awesome Glamping in Margaret River

Let’s go glamping! 

"Life is Better with Olive Oil" - Olio Bello Glamping Sign
“Life is Better with Olive Oil” – Entrance to Olio Bello Glamping site.

I love the idea of camping, but not everyone in the family would agree. Glamping, however, is a compromise. Technically, we are still camping close to nature. The glamorous part is that our camping tent is furnished with beds, ensuite bathroom, and kitchenette.  Now, who wouldn’t say no to glamorous camping?

Olio Belle Glamping Outside
Our bungalow with canvas roof and side walls

We chanced upon Olio Bello Lakeside Glamping along our Margaret River road trip and decided to stay overnight.

Olio Bello Lakeside Glamping offers modern luxury outdoor accommodations in the heart of Margaret River. There are a total of 6 bungalows nestled right beside a lake within an olive plantation. There is also an alfresco cafe which opens from 11.30am till 4.30pm.

Our bungalow was one of the closest to the lake with an extended deck. In case you are expecting loch ness, it is nothing grand. It still exudes a sort of beauty and serenity like what a retreat should be.

Olio Bello Glamping Bed
Super comfy bed with air-conditioner just right above

We were first taken away by the beautiful interior deco of our bungalow, unexpectedly. As the website mentioned “safari-style bungalows”, we were expecting exotic animal prints decorated all over. It was, however, not the case. Rather than say safari-style, it was more of a rustic style. 

Olio Bello Glamping Table
A loaf of fresh bread with a mini bottle of olive oil greeted us at check-in

The kitchenette was minimally equipped with an electric kettle, a microwave, mini-fridge, and necessary tableware.  The furnishings seemed almost brand new; hardly any signs of wear and tear.

Olio Bello Glamping Sofa Bed
Modern sofa which was converted into two single beds for the kids at night

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. We truly disconnected from technology and embraced nature. There were no TV and WiFi. We enjoyed taking walks among the thousands of olive trees that surrounded us. We watched the sunset, played board games, and munched some snacks as we cozied up by the fireplace.

The Fireplace
Fireplace keeping us warm

This is our first try at glamping. I’m afraid it has already set a very high standard for any future glamping trips to come.

Olio Bello Glamping Patio
Spacious viewing deck facing the lake


  1. Board/card games
  2. Books
  3. Snacks
Olio Bello Glamping Pond View
The lake

That is all for this post, I’ll leave you with a final picture of sunset walk in the olive farms. Feel free to leave any comments below if you have any questions.

Olio Bello Glamping Olive Farm
View of sunset from the olive farm
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